Our Studio

Our Services and Equipment

By making an appointment in our studio, you can benefit from our professional services and reach all kinds of support.



Tattoo Removal

Permanent Makeup

Tattoo Machine

Since 2011, we prefer the products of the German brand Cheyenne Tattoo, which is the world's leading machine manufacturer. We have many models and latest technology of Cheyenne Tattoo tattoo machines.

Tattoo Ink

We use different brands to match our customer's skin structure and skin color. All brands of ink are original USA made and definitely not counterfeit. We have over 100 color options in stock.

Disposable Needle

Needles used for tattoos and piercings are personal only. It is taken out of the sterile package in front of the customer before the study starts and thrown away at the end of the study. We always have a variety of needles suitable for all tattoo styles and piercing areas in stock.

Medical Sterilization

We regularly sterilize the piercings and professional piercing tools we have for the first use of our customers, at least once a week. Our preferred piercings for first use are surgical steel or titanium.


Every material used is personal and disposable. All materials used after the work are thrown away. After each appointment, the necessary hygiene of the areas and environment that the customer can come into contact with is prepared for our next customer.

Working Hours

We are open Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 18:00. We are closed on Sundays. We do not accept guests during our working hours and keep our door locked.


In order to benefit from our services, you need to make an appointment. Our appointment hours are between 10:00-13:00 in the morning and 14:00-18:00 in the afternoon. From our appointment page, you can make an online appointment for the day and time that suits you.


We give you 100% support before and after the appointment, how to prepare, what you should pay attention to during the work and for the right care after the appointment.


Our studio is in the very center of Cyprus, in the Küçük Kaymaklı area, opposite the Nicosia bus terminal. We have the easiest studio to reach by public transport, as all university and state buses use our location. Visit our contact page for the location information of our studio.

Prices and Payment Method

Cash Payment

You can only make your cash payments in ($) US Dollars, (€) Euros, (£) British Pounds and (₺) Turkish Lira. If the payments will be made in a currency other than USD, Ziraat Bank at the time of payment will be calculated with the current selling rate or foreign currency parity.

Credit/Debit Card

With POS, you can make your payments with cards of all world banks accepted by Ziraat POS, including Mastercard, Visa, American Express. No additional commission fee is charged for payments made via POS.