You have decided to have a piercing and you do not want to have a piercing in a place you do not know or do not know. You may have had a piercing before or as much as you hear from your friends who have had it, you have information about the process. I will try to tell you the application process and what you need to know before shortly piercing.

Titanium piercings generally used in piercing application. Titanium piercings have a more matte gray color than surgical steel piercings and are not shiny. Piercings to be used in the application should be sterilized in autoclave devices. Therefore, piercings should not be colored or stony. You cannot sterilize colored or stony piercings in autoclave devices. As it can be understood from here, do not press the person who will apply piercing to use stone piercings or colored piercings for me.

After the piercings are sterilized in an autoclave, they should be kept in sterile bags. Note that the piercing to be used is not removed from drawers or plastic boxes, but from sterile bags or sterilizing machines.

Make sure that the person wearing the piercing is wearing gloves during preparation for the application. All equipment including piercings to be used should be wiped with sterile wipes or alcohol wipes. If disposable equipment is used, make sure that it is removed from its pouch. Disposable equipment is usually plastic and cannot be sterilized.

Before the application, the area to be pierced should be marked according to the piercing to be used. Incorrect marking will cause your piercing to become curved. Especially the distance of the piercing to be installed should be adjusted well. The distance of the holes must be shorter than the piercing distance. If a piercing is made at the piercing distance, the application area will probably swell and you will have to remove your piercing in few days.

After procedures are done correctly, my advice is to close the pierced area with vaseline. The wound covered with vaseline will reduce the risk of infection, as it will not come into contact with air and dust. It is a good idea to apply Fucudin cream or Sterimar for newly made piercings. If the piercing is in the mouth or on the lip, you can gargle with tantalum or salt water.

I hope i was able to help you with piercing and care. If you are curious about piercing or maintenance, you can send me an e-mail. If you find my article informative and useful, please share it.