Professional Service

The worlds leading brands and equipment are preferred in my studio, which has been in service since 2002. In order to provide the most up-to-date and quality service to my customers, the most advanced machinery, needle and ink brands in the world are preferred and used today. I also have a system where you can book your appointments online, considering the comfort of my customers. It is now only a few minutes to get your appointment from where you are for the tattoo you want to have.

Disposable Material

All the materials used in the making of your tattoo are personalized disposable materials and are thrown away after application. All materials to be used are taken out of the sterile package in front of the customer. All materials that will come into contact with you are prepared meticulously in accordance with hygiene rules.

Hygienic Environment 

Studio hygiene is paramount. For the health of its customer, the application area is regularly disinfected and cleaned after each customer. Effective protection is provided by covering with the stretch film almost everywhere the customer contacts. The bad used for the tattoo is covered with a special cover. A disposable apron can be given to the customer if needed during the tattoo application.

Custom Pattern

The draft is prepared according to the place where you have determined the tattoo pattern you have chosen or the design is determined to best fit. Changes and arrangements can be made on the pattern if it can be done and it will not spoil the aesthetic. If you do not have an existing pattern and have a design in mind, a special design can be made for you if you explain it in the message section.

Appointment Information

Contact Information

Please enter your information correctly and completely so that i can contact you about the tattoo you will make. Your appointment request will be answered by e-mail or whatsapp within 3 hours at the latest.

Appointment Time

The appointment time will be planned according to the size or difficulty of the tattoo. If changes are made on the date or time of the appointment, you will be notified.


Request and appointment by specifying the region of the tattoo design you want to make. If your tattoo pattern is possible, the file size should be large and distinct.

Appointment Form