Professional Service

The world’s leading brands and equipment are preferred in my studio, which has been in service since 2002. Today, the most advanced machinery, needle and paint brands and piercing equipment in the world are preferred and used in order to provide the most up-to-date and quality service to my customers. I also have a system where you can book your appointments online, considering the comfort of my customers. It is now only a few minutes to get your appointment from where you are for the piercing you want to have.

Personalized Piercing

The first piercing piercings are used from surgical steel or titanium material. The sterilization of the piercings is carried out continuously and taken out of the sterile packages for application. It does not cause allergies on the skin due to the material of the first piercing. These piercings are used colorless and without stones for sterilization. There is no deterioration or darkening of the piercings in the period after piercing. You can use these piercing for a lifetime.

Disposable Needle

All needle types suitable for the area to be pierced are available in the studio. Piercing needles are used for single use depending on the size and thickness of the earrings to be worn and thrown into a special waste bin after application. Then, the safety of the used needles in the waste bin is ensured and thrown away.

Sterile Tools

In making piercing, a few tools are needed for correct piercing and the earring to be fitted properly. Without using these tools, piercings may not be attached correctly or problems may occur during drilling. Tools are regularly disinfected with the help of a sterilizing machine. Tools to be used are taken out of sterile packages for application. The instruments are sterilized immediately at the end of the application. Thanks to this process, blood-borne diseases are prevented.

Appointment Information

Contact Information

Please enter your information correctly and completely so that I can contact you about the tattoo you will make. Your appointment request will be answered by e-mail or whatsapp within 3 hours at the latest.

Appointment Time

The appointment time will be planned according to the piercing region. Piercing appointment can be made during the day. You can get your appointment by appointment form or whatsapp.


The first care suitable for the piercing area will be done to you after the application. Then, piercing care is done by me when necessary.

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