Although tattooing has been used for various reasons since ancient times, it is preferred to be used as art and fashion today.

In a study conducted by a research company called Dalia in 2018, the countries with the most tattoos in the world were identified. This research was conducted in 18 different countries.

Countries with the most tattoos;

1- Italy                    %48

2- Sweden             %47

3- USA                   %46

4- Australia            %43

5- Argentina           %43

6- Spain                  %42

7- Denmark             %41

Turkey who has forged with at least %30 of the 18 countries examined in the study was one of the two countries. Israel is in the last place with %25. This is said to be related to the prohibition of Islamic religion and Jewish tattooing.

On the other hand, contrary to the general belief, women prefer men rather than men. In people with higher education, the rate of tattooing is %32, while in those with lower education, this rate drops to %26. It is also among the results of the research that people living in the city center get more tattoos than those living in the countryside.

Do people regret getting tattoos?

As a results of this research, some people may regret later for their tattoos. It is both painful and expensive to erase and disappear as much as a tattoo. Sometimes surgical interventions or laser removal can be done. In general %72 of people who have tattoos do not feel regret. As a result of the research, the countries with the least regret were Italy and Greece, and the countries with the most regret were Denmark and Israel.