You have finally reached your tattoo, which you have been searching for days or even months, or which means much to you, you now have all the responsibility. Tattoo care is very important to make your tattoo look as glamorous and lively as the first day. The care for your tattoo or tattoos, which you will carry a lifetime in your body, starts from the moment your tattoo ends.

With the end of your tattoo, your tattoo artist will wrap your tattoo with stretch film. This process is important because of the fact that your tattoo is not an open wound, it does not get infected. After 2-3 hours, you should remove the stretch and wash your tattoo with clean water and antibacterial soap. Apply your recommended cream to your tattoo 30-60 minutes after washing your tattoo. I do not recommend that you wear you tattoo right after washing it. The reason for this is that the area covered by stretch is better to breathe after opening the stretch. Otherwise, the cream applied immediately on the tattoo will be pulled by your skin instantly. It is useful to use the cream recommended for your tattoo, 3-6 times a day. The number of cream usage varies according to the skin type from person to person. Generally, i recommend using it 4-6 times a day on dry skin and 2-4 times on oily and moist skin. This should be done for about 7-10 days after tattooing. In the following periods, moisturizing cream can be used 1-2 times a day to keep your tattoo alive and bright.