– Wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap and plenty of water before starting tattoo treatment. Slowly and carefully remove the protective stretch film on your tattoo.

-After removing the stretch film, wash your tattoo with clean drinkable water and antibacterial soap. After washing your tattoo, dry it with paper towel without irritating your skin and wait at least 30 minutes.

-After waiting for at least 30 minutes, apply the cream (Bepanten Plus) recommended by your artist onto your tattoo.

-Use 1 or 2 cream on the first day of your tattoo. For the next week, use the recommended cream 4-6 times for dry skin 3-4 times for moist skin, depending on your skin structure.

– Using moisturizing cream once a day from the second week of your tattoo will help your tattoo maintain its color and brightness.

-If you encounter an unexpected problem, the wound that does not heal, discoloration etc. Contact your tattoo artist like.