As in the whole world, the number tattoo makers has increased in our country. Since the decision to have tattoos in some people is taken with a momentary enthusiasm, there is a regret after a while and the ways to cover or erase the tattoo with a new tattoo are sought.

Although different methods have been tried to remove tattoos until now, it is known that they are not very successful in general. However, tattoos can be removed more successfully than before with the recently developed laser (Q-Switch ND YAG) technology. The laser beam of high intensity and special wavelength is effective by breaking down the dye molecules used for tattooing. The disintegrated dye molecules are then absorbed and destroyed by the body.

They are many factors that determine how long the tattoo will be removed after application and how successful the removal will be. Tattoo can be removed in two sessions or it may not disappear completely after ten sessions. No tattoo removal is %100 guaranteed. While some tattoos are completely erased, some tattoos may leave marks.

One of the most important factors that determine success is the colors used in tattoos.The best result is taken in black and gray tattoos. Those who want to remove the tattoo request the process to be done in a very short time. However, very frequent applications increase the risk of complications. It is ideal to have four to six weeks between applications, and in some cases eight week intervals may be preferred.