The chose of pattern for tattoo generally goes through stress and indecision in most people. The reason for this instability lies in the desire to have the most beautiful tattoo on me. It should not be forgotten that it is the tattoo that you will not get bored of carrying the most beautiful tattoo. But most people always get the approval of their tattoo from their relatives. It is very normal to consult your relatives when choosing a tattoo, but remember that you are getting the tattoo done not by your relatives. If you ask me, if the pattern you find is special to you or excites you, do not get stuck with the ideas you will get from the outside. If you are already undecided in your pattern and are constantly getting the opinion of others, you may not have made the right choise yet. If you make yourself a tattoo with a hastily selected patten or a pattern that someone else likes, you can find it difficult and financially. It is useful to research in the studio and artist where you will have your tattoo pattern. Most of the time, in beginner tattoos, beginners or people who have just stepped into tattooing can be preferred. As you can imagine, this situation will cause you material and moral damage.

You can review the recommendations i can give you for the selection of your tattoo pattern.

Avoid patterns that will affect your social life. When the symbols you make are not welcomed by the society, you can be exposed to pressures and be excluded from the environment.

-I recommend think about the place and size of your tattoo, considering your profession.

-Never tattoo in a language you do not understanding. Ask for help from different people who can read your article over and over. Never tattoo translated articles with Google translation.

-I do not recommend you to have your beloved name. Unfortunately, the most closed and erased tattoos today are the names of ex-lovers.

Do not tattoo someone else yourself. If your tattoo is original and designed specifically for you, it will be meaningful and valuable.

-If you are going to have a tattoo for the first time, it will be useful for you to get advice from an experienced tattoo artist about the design that suits you, the color of the tattoo suitable for your skin color, and which area the tattoo may be suitable.